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14 June 2008 @ 08:26 pm

Challenge 18A: Gods
Title: Watching
Author: Truly~Wished
Series: Weiss Kreutz
Rating: T (swearing and death)
Word count: 300
Spoilers: nope



Laying on my back, he looks like a god. His pants flare at the leg, cuffs brushing my shoulders with each shot, the recoil making him shift back and forth. Still not used to using a physical weapon, the force moves him much more than it would me.


He still looks like a god. Long hair flares around him, having escaped the loose bonds I placed on it hours before. That brilliant shade of orange red is charming in the fading light, burning with impossible highlights. I’ve always thought it suited him, from the moment I dragged him in to lay shivering beside me.


Without moving, I watch him swear and reload, fumbling the unfamiliar mechanism in his annoyance. How dare his gun run out of bullets? “Fuckin’ Far’s never does this!” Oh it does, but I can reload between shots; in the split second before another bullet is required.


Distracted, he uses his talent without realizing and swears again when the closest three heads explode. Laughing might get me shot and then I would be locked in a medical ward for the night so I keep silent. The long coat, completely impractical, spreads like a green angel’s wings, fluttering over my face. When it moves away, there are six more corpses without heads.


After all these years, I can easily hear his thoughts, whether or not he sends them. If he’s already lost, why bother restraining himself? His wager can no longer be won and he is too bored with the former challenge to apply himself. The evening sky fades to night and he no longer appears a god in the pale light. Which is for the best, I don’t want to kill him just yet.


There is only One doomed God and Schuldig is merely a masquerading demon.










Hmm, long time no see. Hopefully everyone is well. Exactly 300 words and told from Farfarello’s view. Again, I’m not sure which prompt this fits best but we’ll go with A. If you think differently, drop me a note and we can discuss it. Let me know what you think, please. Thank you. (disclaimer: I own no rights to Weiss or any characters)


diyananaiyad on June 16th, 2008 04:27 am (UTC)
Love. Very moving, and of course Farf wouldn't be too concerned with sanity. Wonderful work~
truly_wishedtruly_wished on June 16th, 2008 12:24 pm (UTC)
Thanks, I'm really glad you liked it.