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21 June 2008 @ 01:28 am
18B- Demons  
Challenge: 18B- Demons
Title: Susurration
Author: une see
Series/Characters: Samurai Champloo/Fuu and Mugen
Rating: T
Word Count: 283
Spoilers: none, does not take place during the anime

They came to him with the whistle of the wind and the rustle of the leaves. They came at night, and they came during day, settling deeper and deeper in the crevices of his mind each time they came.

He wanted them out. He wanted to forget.

So he killed, and he drank, and he fucked, and sometimes late at night, when he lay on his back and stared at an alabaster moon the color of her skin, he thought maybe he could do it, please, yes— but still, he could not let go of the impossible dream of Fuu-and-Mugen— and still, the memories came.

They haunted him, hounded him, tore his soul apart. When he imagined the feel of her hips pressed against him and the movement of her fingers across his stomach, he screamed until his voice gave out. When his sword banged against his back, walking a long road to Nowhere, he traced the scar on his arm and mimicked the savage smile he had worn as he chopped those bastards to pieces.

He saw her face when he closed his eyes. He saw her blood when he opened them. When his geta pounded the dusty road, he remembered the sight of those ten jagged daggers sticking out of her body, and the way her russet eyes had pleaded with him— save me, Mugen. Save me…

In the end, it was the promise of her scent that drove him to the raging river called Unmei. The water rushed around his submerged knees, but Mugen could hear only the whispers of the past, could see only her incandescent smile and the carmine sun setting in the distance.

Fuu, he said. Fuu.

truly_wishedtruly_wished on June 21st, 2008 01:37 pm (UTC)
That was really powerful imagery, a strong story in so few words. Very, very nice.