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01 October 2008 @ 10:04 pm

Challenge: 22A - Undead
Title: To Live
Author: truly_wished
Series/Characters: Weiss Kreutz/Schuldig and Farfarello
Rating: PG (bit of violence mentioned)
Word Count: 289
Spoilers: none, not a canon moment I’m afraid
Disclaimer: No money is made by my writing this piece and I do not own any rights to the characters


Boring Author’s notes: Up here so no one has to read them if they don’t want to. Basically, the first chapter is Farfarello, the second Schuldig and the third both. I used emotional crippling/death in response to the prompt because both characters are lacking in that regard and feel no regret for anything they do. Alone, neither can do more than function but together they can truly live. The reference to an army of the dead comes from the idea that severely injured/shocked people can have their memories of the event and thus their behaviour altered. As the mind has been proven to be able to assist in healing and it is Schuldig’s specialty, it stands to reason that he can take Farfarello’s victims and use them as fighters for his own purposes. Ok, much to long but at least it’ll hopefully clear up some rather obscure references.



To Live



He was Other.


Something so brilliantly alive, he seemed not of this world. Pale hair floated behind paler skin, rushing in the wind to bring color splashing through the universe. Laughter echoing in previously still nights, interrupting choked screams and deafening shots, ringing over all but the voice in his head, the one that egged him on with vicious words and smooth promises of destruction.


So alive, he could never exist in the world proper. Physical perfection, mental singularity, emotionally deceased; only the undead can live so vibrantly and want so much from their time.



He was the One.


Craving death and pain as more than a mere addict, needing it to prevent his own fall to insanity, he moves in shadows of the world and the mind. Flashy and unforgettable, he stalks the streets an invisible wind.


Too cold and separate to belong to either world, he teetered on the edge and burned with his desire. Sated on violence, long red hair rolled over a lean back as laughter poured forth, his only proof of life.



Together, they Were.


At rest, in motion, they held their pact to bring those who should have died to the front of a personal war. Back to back, fingers entwined, killer and reviver watched their army march. Telepath and murderer, two who could have been gods but for their hatred, who could have ruled but for their deaths. Deaths they passed on so casually to others, different but death all the same.


Flawed but perfect, they matched, jagged edges fitting as they reigned over havoc caused by their own ambitions. Crawford’s commands pulsing on their tongues, Nagi’s power a blanket to clothe them, a delicate dance to find lives wasted in death.


wongkkwongkk on October 27th, 2008 05:23 pm (UTC)
Unfortunately I don't have any knowledge of this series but I really like the intensity in the writing. The careful choosing of the words and the figurative quality of the description brings the effect very close to poetry, which I like very much in the context of an image-heavy medium such as manga.

I can only appreciate the structure and language here but it's nice work. Well done!
truly_wishedtruly_wished on October 27th, 2008 08:27 pm (UTC)
Thank you, I'm glad you liked it. It was fun to try for a more lyrical sense this time and I'm glad you enjoyed reading it.